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You're not bad at lowlighting...

color technique Sep 12, 2023

"Why are all my lowlights spotty, uneven, muddy and super dark on the ends of blonde hair?” -Me, for the first 10 years of my career before I figured out that warmth is my friend and not everyone needs dimension through their ends 😅

Here’s what I changed that dramatically improved my lowlights:

⚡️Add warmth - cool tones over blonde hair = a spotty, uneven and muddy end result. Blonde hair is usually very porous AND it’s lacking all the tones needed for a rich, healthy looking end result because they’ve been eliminated by lightening. Add a little warmth to fill/re-pigment the hair. Usually I go for an N (if the N in your color line is on the warmer side!) with a splash of something gold.

⚡️Leave the ends out - majority of the time I only drag my lowlight down to about the mids and I leave the bright blonde ends out. If I do pull the lowlight through the ends I always make sure to mix up a different formula for what’s going on the mids to ends section, and it’s always warmer and lighter than what I put on the roots to mids!



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