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How to do a K18 treatment without color

treatments/upgrades Nov 13, 2023

So your client wants to come in and get just a cut or maybe even just a blowout but you really want to offer them something MORE. Sure, a deep conditioning treatment is an option but what about a 5 step, intensely reparative K18 treatment which will reverse damage? Imagine how special and luxurious that sounds to your clients!!

I love doing K18 with my color services but it’s also amazing as a stand-alone treatment!!

Here’s how I do this service:

1️⃣ CHELATOR: removes the 7 most common types of metals and minerals that live in the hair. 6-10 sprays per quadrant, leave for 4 minutes.

2️⃣ REPAIR MIST: strengthens and fortifies hair and reverses damage with the K18 peptide. 10-20 sprays per quadrant, leave for 4 minutes.

3️⃣ SHAMPOO: wash with the detox shampoo or pH maintenance shampoo. Rinse out and don’t condition.

4️⃣ MASK: working on a molecular level to repair damage. Use 1-3 pumps and wait 4 minutes. Do not rinse out.

5️⃣ OIL: weightless and repairs damage and reduces frizz and improves shine. 1-3 drops and wait 4 minutes. Can be used on dry hair as well!

I want to mention that the official K18 manual says to do the chelator, then shampoo, then mist, mask and oil, but I spoke with a K18 educator who confirmed that this way works too! 😅

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