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Feeling completely lost as a new hairstylist? Read this.

mentorship/mindset Oct 23, 2023

Friends, please let’s normalize the fact that you may have absolutely ZERO clue what in the fuck you’re doing when you graduate from school (and you may still feel this way in the first few years or even longer!). I may sound like a broken record but I will die on this hill πŸ˜…

I feel so heartbroken when I receive messages from people who are in school, just graduated, or new into the industry and they tell me that they feel like they picked the wrong career because they feel like they have no clue what they’re doing, no idea how to formulate, what technique to pick, they feel like they’re constantly making mistakes, etc. YOU GUYS, hair is hard! It takes years to build confidence and feel comfortable with formulating, talking to clients, picking techniques, etc. I have nearly 17 years of experience and I still question myself constantly and I’m still learning. But I’ve come a really long way from graduating from school and feeling 100% lost.

I remember graduating from school and someone mentioned something about a toner. I literally did not understand the anything about toning. And I don’t mean I didn’t understand how to formulate or what kind of color to choose. I mean I literally did not understand what the point of a toner was, when you would use it, how to apply it, I had not the slightest inkling of the general concept of toners. The idea of toning was completely lost on me πŸ˜… So if you feel this way about certain things related to hair, you’re not alone. There is hope and you WILL figure it out!

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