Check Out This Weeks BCU Featured Stylist- Anna Roosma @Ajroosmabeauty

Meet this week's BCU Featured Stylist! Anna's work caught my eye because it's all so seamless! I also love how she uses her page to educate other stylists and helps to simplify techniques and concepts.

Let's get to know Anna Roosma! She's a painted balayage specialist out of Ferndale, Washington. You can find her on instagram at @ajroosmabeauty. I asked Anna a few questions so I could learn more about her and her journey. Check out our conversation below!!

+How long have you been doing hair?  
13 years

+Tell me about yourself. Are you a salon owner? Booth renter? Commission stylist? What is your specialty behind the chair. What are your goals?
I used to be a co-owner of a salon for 8 years, then managed another commission salon, and now rent a chair in a small salon close to my house. I have specialized in painted balayage and low-maintenance looks my entire career and love giving my clients something that grows out softly and looks natural. My goals are to mentor and share with other stylists my experiences and knowledge specifically in Balayage, business practices, and using instagram, in order to help them grow professionally. I plan to do this through offering more in-person and online education opportunities.

+Whats been the best advice you have ever received?
That nothing is a mistake if you view it as a learning experience to make you better. Every successful person and company has made mistakes and failed, but the key is that they don't stay there, they learn from it and improve. 

+What do you feel is your greatest strength?
Asking a lot of questions and really listening and clarifying hair goals with clients and what their priorities are. I have found that the more I listen, the better results I have and the happier my clients are. 

+What advice do you have for other stylists?
Don't get down on yourself when you make mistakes, because if you're taking risks and growing daily, you will make mistakes regularly. Instead, examine the situation, address it/make it right, and grow from it by humbling yourself and adjusting your decisions the next time. They aren't mistakes if you look at them as learning experiences! 

+What do you feel is the most valuable part of being a BCU member?
Being able to access so many types of educational videos 24/7 at such a good price. It replaces the cost of what it would be to take thousands of dollars of traveling and tickets for all the classes that are included. I access them and rewatch them regularly to refresh my memory and I love that I can do that anytime I want! 

+Anything else you’d like to share?
I encourage other stylists to take chances and get out of your comfort zone daily. Watch the BCU training videos and go try them on the next client in your chair! If you have any questions, send a DM to Carly - she is a wealth of knowledge and has helped me grow so much since joining the BCU by guiding me. Even as an independent artist who might work alone and not have a mentor, you are not alone - the BCU is a family and you can always reach out and get help, feel connected, and grow with others! 
You can visit Anna's instagram account here 
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