Check Out This Week's BCU Featured Stylist - Kylie Walker @kyliemariehair_

Meet this week's BCU Featured Stylist! Kylie's work caught my eye because of the way she works with her client's natural curl patterns! And her style has a bit of an edge, which I love.

Let's get to know Kylie Walker! She's a lived-in color specialist with a dedicated focus on catering to clients with curly and wavy hair out of Indianapolis, Indiana. You can find her on Instagram at @kyliemariehair_. I asked Kylie a few questions so I could learn more about her and her journey. Check out our conversation below!!

 +How long have you been doing hair? 
6 years

+Tell me about yourself. Are you a salon owner? Booth renter? Commission stylist? What is your specialty behind the chair. What are your goals?
I'm a commission stylist. My specialty is curly and wavy hair cutting, layers, lived-color. I want to continue to grow my strengths in curly and wavy hair, in both cutting and coloring. I also want to really fine tune highlighting and think about what the end result will be with each technique I use. I think sometimes behind the chair we forget to take a second to slow down and really think about the approach to use for each look. My main focus right now is to simplify my techniques. I love education and I am constantly trying to learn new ways to do things. But sometimes, I think that also makes me overwhelmed on what approach to use. Especially with highlighting! 

+What's been the best advice you have ever received?
Take your time in consultations! Whether you are cutting or coloring, a solid consultation will make all parties happy and it will really make you stand out from other stylists your client may have seen before. I love to really dive into my clients lifestyle and how I can best simplify their day to day routine with their hair.

+What do you feel is your greatest strength?
Talking to my clients about the process and expectations for their service and their routine once they leave the salon. I love product so I’m always teaching my clients how to use their take home products and how to build healthy hair routines. This builds so much trust and also strengthens your confidence in discussing retail. 

+What advice do you have for other stylists?
Don’t fear the mess ups! You are going to have redos…even after 10 years. But those moments will stick in your brain and you will grow the most from them! Learn to read your clients while they are in your chair too. If you can see in their face that they do not love what you did…ask them! Address it now while they are in the chair, even if they have to come back in another day!! It’s so much better than to send them home and then they may leave a bad review or tell their friends about their experience. This will build trust with that client because no matter what, they know that you want them to receive the best!

+What do you feel is the most valuable part of being a BCU member?
Variety of quality education! Carly especially delivers the information in ways that is easy to take in, which makes it easier to remember! I love the app, I love the shorts, I love it all.

+Anything else you’d like to share?
Don’t forget to have fun behind the chair! We get so wrapped up in making money and think about it as a job that we forget that this a strong creative outlet. If you are starting to get bored, change it up! Try something new. 

You can visit Kylie's Instagram account HERE!

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