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3 ways to fix an overtoned blonde

color technique Nov 20, 2023

You get back to the chair and somehow your blonde is cooler and a bit muddier than you expected πŸ˜… Here are 3 ways to help correct the situation:

βž• MALIBU QUICK FIX: this stuff is magical. You just mix the contents of the packet with water and put it on the hair. It gently softens the tone and helps to eliminate the muddy/over toned color. Crystal Gel is another great option if days have passed since the initial service.

βž• WET BALAYAGE: my favorite for when the ends of your blonde get too muddy. I usually use clay lightener and 10-20 vol for about 15 mins.

βž• BLEACH WASH: this is the ideal option for an all over blonde that got a bit overtoned. Mixed lightener powder, developer and shampoo and apply to damp hair. Watch it and rinse after about 5-15 mins.


βž• PERMANENT CLEAR: have you ever mixed clear from a permanent color line with developer? Even though it’s clear, it’s still alkaline and has the ability to lift and lighten the hair. I like to mix permanent clear with 20 vol and apply it to the blonde that is over toned for a slight shift in brightness.

***Keep in mind, if there is darker, natural dimension mixed in with the blonde, the lightener from the wet balayage & the bleach wash will lift that as well as the blonde, which could end up orangey. Same goes for the permanent color clear. The Quick Fix will only affect the colored hair and will not affect the natural color.

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